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Goodfellow well develops the website www.goodfellow.comwith the Chinese guider website www.gutefu.com.cnto assist our customers to choose our products and service. You can easily find the materials which you need from the thousands items in our website, and download the information of the material specifications, properties and prices.

您可以在Goodfellow.com首页上的Search搜索栏(见上图中1)直接输入您所要材料的关键词,比如铝箔(Al foil),您将得到557个各种形式的标准铝箔产品(我们产品种类非常丰富!),通过点击选择您感兴趣的产品,您就可以获得和上图中一样详细的材料规格和价格。

By inputting the key words about the material you search, like “Al foil”, in the “Search” Box (see item 1 in the picture) at the homepage of Goodfellow.com, you can get 557 searching results on our standard Aluminum Foils (How rich products we have!), you can get the detailed information on material specification and prices like the above by just a click on the products you are interested on.

当然您可能希望得到更少并更准确的搜索结果,则请从网页左边的目录(见上图中2)进入产品详细搜索的页面,您可以通过选择和输入更详细的要求等到数个准确的结果,比如Al / foil / thickness 0.1mm. 如果找到满意的产品,您可以在网站上直接向我们发送订单。如果您得不到满意的结果,则直接点击任何页面上的提示message(见上图中3)给我们发送信息,我们会尽快给您答复。另外,我们的网站只提供了小批量的材料价格,如果您需要量较大,请直接与我们联系以获得更准确的产品价格。

You must want more accurate results, so you can be led to the Advanced Search page by the left menu (see item 2 in the picture). You will get several accurate results by entering more key words like Al / foil / thickness 0.1 mm. If you can get a right product, please directly place your order on our website. If you can not find what you want, just click any “message” hint (see item 3 in the picture) to send us a message. We will reply to you as soon as possible. In addition, the prices in our website are only for small quantities; please contact us to get right prices for your bigger demands.


You can require our catalogues (only in English) when you are not able to access internet, and make inquiry and orders to us by telephone, fax or email. We illustrate the content formats in our catalogues by the following examples.

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